The Republican Party’s worship of state violence and denial of climate change makes them possibly the singular most dangerous organization on Earth. And that was true before Covid, and it was true before the Capitol siege.

You could perhaps make a strong case that the Chinese Communist Party is more dangerous and destructive. I would certainly hear you out. But I would still need to hear you out.

Many historically contingent factors such as the current state of white identity politics, fossil fuel industry interest, and masculine chauvinism have been whisked together to create a party committed to ecological collapse…

The late daredevil and flat-earther, Mad Mike Hughes once told me “most people believe and know that Lee Harvey Oswald is not the guy who shot Kennedy, ok? There are several ways to prove it, it’s been proven and whatever. But see, collectively that’s not been decided.”

It took me some time to realize it, but this was the most important part of my interview with him.

Hughes was explaining to me the importance of blasting himself up in a rocket to the edge of space to prove the shape of the Earth conclusively, after I had asked if safer…

Even though I, and presumably you, have not read any of Kayleigh McEnany’s spellbinding 234 pages of affidavits, there is little need to. Can all of those people be wrong about what we predicted from the start?

Up and down our great nation, there has been overwhelming innuendo of voter fraud. If you add up the vague videos, screenshots, hearsay testimony, quotes from the Book of Revelations, and the fact that we lost, that must surely add up to something.

Even if we cannot prove every specific instance, we can establish general doubt in Biden’s “victory” by spreading every rumor…

NYPD in Brooklyn moving people “over there” because they could

Why did those Richmond officers spit on that protestor over and over? He was already hand-cuffed, and spitting on him would have had little use even if he wasn’t. Why is that image as infuriating as so many others, in which the police are seen battering and pillaging through American cities?

Two officers clearly direct their bodies and face at a detained person before spitting in his direction

They spat on that protestor to show us who’s boss, to remind us who’s in charge. They demonstrated that they could have beat him if they had wanted to, and that nobody…

Economic sanctions are not an alternative to war, they are an alternative form of war.

American sanctions policy is a casual, and sometimes recreational way of flipping war on autopilot. It is more regrettable than strange then that the “forever wars” polylogue has excluded sanctions from closer examination.

You may have received a different sentiment towards sanctions than the one I intend to advance since they are normally scripted as a worry-free and bloodless substitute to war. Sanctions in their motivations, consequences, and enforcement are not easily distinguished from more “kinetic” warfare. …

What’s the plan for Biden? That’s a stupid way to say it, sorry. Number one. What was I talking about?

If you still have any doubt about Joe Biden’s mental decline, I would encourage you to watch any recording of Biden from before 2016. You can watch him lucidly express skepticism of what would later be called the Gulf War in the Senate here. Or you can watch him coherently connect distinct events into a single narrative, at several points, during the 2012 Vice-Presidential debate here.

It is true that Biden occasionally has moments when his synapses momentarily re-connect. Maybe…

If marijuana makes its users more likely to try more dangerous drugs, why does that mean it should be illegal?

It would seem that we actually have a very urgent reason to legalize it. By criminalizing marijuana, we have ensured that marijuana users have as much contact with other illegal drugs as possible. We have made it impossible to buy marijuana from anyone other than a drug dealer. Marijuana is a gateway drug in large part because it is illegal.

One wonders if alcohol would be (even more of) a gateway drug if it were illegal also.

But on a…

Last June, conservative YouTuber, and moron who thinks children dehydrating to death is funny, Steven Crowder, had his account demonetized by YouTube. This decision had some relationship with Crowder calling Vox journalist Carlos Maza a “lispy queer” and promoting shirts that said “socialism is for f*gs [sic]”. Some onlookers were confused when YouTube said that Crowder had not technically violated any of their rules.

YouTube’s community guidelines are written vaguely enough to have easily justified banning Crowder (the prohibition on humiliating and bullying others for example) and Crowder was in fact penalized by way of demonetization, despite not having broken…

“Mad” Mike Hughes

Around the world (or across the plain, as the Flat-Earthers say) many are doing their best to cope with the stress created by “fake news”. They are worried about their inability to evaluate the credibility of information, and are frustrated that they even have to worry about credibility in the first place. It is annoying, I am told, to read two articles about the same topic and not know which one to trust. How would you even know how to know which article is accurate? Is there anyone I can consistently turn to, to tell me what to think?


If you’re pro-science, you shouldn’t be pro-choice

That religious fundamentalists and climate change deniers would be the more scientifically accurate faction in the abortion debate is a bizarre and contingent feature of American politics, and has likely done serious damage to the public credibility of the anti-abortion position.

The most compelling arguments against abortion become much easier to make if you are not a religious conservative. Opposition to contraceptives, sterilization, sex-ed, adoption by same-sex couples, and public assistance for poor families complicate the anti-abortion position, because these should be natural complements to it. Desiring a reduction in the number of abortions should entail more than a mere…

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