Letter From a Conservative Pundit to an Aggrieved Nation

ven though I, and presumably you, have not read any of Kayleigh McEnany’s spellbinding 234 pages of affidavits, there is little need to. Can all of those people be wrong about what we predicted from the start?

Up and down our great nation, there has been overwhelming innuendo of voter fraud. If you add up the vague videos, screenshots, hearsay testimony, quotes from the Book of Revelations, and the fact that we lost, that must surely add up to something.

Even if we cannot prove every specific instance, we can establish general doubt in Biden’s “victory” by spreading every rumor we hear without hesitation. This general feeling of having been cheated, somehow, someway, should be the focus. The details will come as they may.

In a time of crisis, there is little time to fact-check. I will NOT under any circumstances look into whether the ambiguous videos of ballot counters filling in ballots is part of normal procedure. Nor will I read the comments under my Tweets explaining normal procedures, and that the video I am sharing was filmed by election workers in the first place, and not therefore part of their cover up. These people are Biden supporters, and probably Antifa.

It is always more likely that there is a vast left-wing conspiracy then that you have made a simple error or been misled by someone making a simple error. The only person who ever says I am wrong about anything is my shitty liberal niece on Thanksgiving, and she doesn’t know anything. She doesn’t even have a job. So the odds of me making error after error after error are essentially zero.

We all know the media has a leftwing bias, evidenced by the fact that there are apparently zero Trump supporters with any reporting training or experience. All the lamestream media will do is insist “there is no evidence” and that the “guy from Erie walked back what he said” and that “some of the lawsuits concern less than 100 ballots”.

No need to check if voter turnout is calculated using registered voters or eligible voters

Nonsense. There is no way, with all the rallies, and Facebook threads, that we are a minority in this country. I mean, do I look like a member of a minority group to you?

We have to weaponize rumor and suggestion to the furthest extent imaginable. In fact, you can promote your brand, I mean the country, by using this template: “X happened… and we all know what that means!” The American people, with their good sense and golden hearts will fill in the rest.

I may not have cultivated any sources in ballot counting centers, the Post Office, or with any other government employees in the months leading up to the election, but I am making up for lost time by shouting my first-glance opinion as loud as I can. In any case, strangers on Facebook livestreams have done most of the heavy lifting for me.

My cross to bear is to promote these claims, not to contact the original poster and ask for their basis of knowledge. Nor will I try to identify the people in videos so I can speak with them personally. That could take literally hours. Tedious details are not what my Patreon patrons are paying for, and our nation cannot afford further delay.

Think of it as being like when you invented arguments on the spot during your drunk dorm room debates on subjects you didn’t really understand, except some of us have 100,000s of followers who will believe what we say immediately.

“Covering” a story is not a careful process of collecting evidence and testing explanations, as lying liberal journalists like to fancy themselves doing. It is about making your initial opinion impossible to not know.

“Holding the line” for Trump is like rooting for a sports team: the more hope you can blast through the airwaves, the more likely you are to win. Press the A button to send will power; we need all the all-caps tweets we can get.

We need patriotic Americans, now, to just believe that voter fraud happened. Just believe it. BELIEVE IT! JUST BELIEVE IT!

Trying my best since 1996.

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